As said by Benjamin Franklin- “If you fail to Plan, you are planning to Fail!” You very well know that Prelims examination is the core & toughest part of UPSC. It might need a lot of efforts to succeed but it will only take one single mistake to derail you from this journey. Every day a massive amount of current affairs is added to an aspirant’s desk. If you miss even a week, you will get derailed from your track.

To help you accomplish your aim, you have to plan even the smallest details and develop the Prelims Current Affairs Plan, which consists of all the 2+ years of Current Affairs and will help you with the complete analysis of your strong and weak areas. Some of the Mistakes which can be the cause of your failures are as follows which needs you serious attention throughout the preparation:

✅ Mistake 1: Constantly Procuring Multiple Resources. Best solution for this is to read monthly based current affairs.
✅ Mistake 2: Not Attempting Mock Tests. To avoid this mistake, Practicing Mock Tests is the only solution so you can retain what you have studied. Always attempt the test using a timer.
✅ Mistake 3: Missing Out On Post-Test Performance Analysis therefore have a set of metrics to analyze your performance.
✅ Mistake 4: Skipping To Analyze Your Weak Areas, therefore identify the topics or subtopics that are your weak areas, so you can revise them and note them down.
✅ Mistake 5: Forgetting To Update Your Notes. Refining & supplementing your notes is the only solution for this.

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